Social Security Disability Benefits

With more and more individuals applying for Social Security benefits, this important support system appears to be increasingly more discerning as to who is granted benefits. If you can no longer work due to your disability, Gowen Rhoades Winograd & Silva, PLLC can navigate your benefits claim through the Social Security Administration’s often-complex system.

social security card imageOur attorneys have experience with this process and the judges who hear these cases in the Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, Dover, DE, Richmond and Charlottesville, VA  and Philadelphia, PA hearing offices.

We are in your area and happy to meet with you at any time to talk about your case. When it comes to our clients, we pride ourselves in prompt communication and having a close relationship so you don’t feel like some nameless case file. Our staff work closely with your medical providers to make sure your best case is put forward. And the statistics prove that our methods work: the approval rating for our clients is significantly above the national and regional averages.

We handle Social Security Disability Insurance/Disability Insurance Benefits, Supplemental Security Income and  Supplemental Security Income for children with disabilities.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)/Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB)

For those who have worked enough years (and therefore paid enough Social Security taxes), the federal government may extend insurance coverage to you if your disability prevents you from working. If the Social Security Administration grants you SSDI, you will receive monthly payments, may become eligible for Medicaid, and make benefits available for your spouse and/or children under the age of 18. We will assist you in determining whether you have worked long enough to be eligible for SSDI benefits.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

For individuals with disabilities who have no or little income and limited assets, SSI is available to help pay cost of living expenses. Eligibility for SSI is determined by household income and resources. Monthly stipends can be up to $710 for an individual and $1,066 for a couple (as of 2013). Our staff will help work with you to determine if you are eligible for SSI benefits.

Children’s Supplemental Security Income

Gowen Rhoades Winograd & Silva, PLLC has experience helping parents of limited means attain benefits for their children with disabilities. Children’s SSI can provide relief for those who often have to shoulder the extra-high costs of caring for a child with an impairment. The Social Security Administration uses a different set of medical standards when determining disability for a child under the age of 18.

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